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Commercial & Consumer Collection Agency

A hard hitting professional and ethical collection action for accounts that have not responded to your in-house collection attempts. Our collectors work all of your accounts thoroughly and assertively no matter the amount or age of the account.

MSI is a full service Commercial Collection Agency with over 35 years experience in the credit and collection industry. We are professional collection agents and debt collectors who specialize in the recovery of Delinquent Receivables, NSF Checks and Deficiency Balances owed to business and industry. MSI has a strong psychological advantage as the past due account no longer deals with the seller... our focus is on prompting payment from the debtor, excuses and emotion are removed. MSI uses special procedures that focus on getting you paid. Our position as a "third party" commands attention from the debtor.

MSI respects our client's good name and integrity. We will not jeopardize your business reputation and we abide by the FDCPA and FCRA. We are bonded through the "International Association of Commercial Collectors ", the world's largest organization of commercial collection agencies.

Our collection fees are contingent upon recovery of the debt... if we do not get results we do not charge a fee. Our rates are competitive, as low as 10% contingency commercial and 25% contingency consumer.

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Legal forwarding to bonded attorneys

Use MSI as your forwarding agent to "Bonded" Collection Attorney Firms and "Creditor Rights" Attorneys throughout the nation and around the world. Our vast experience, knowledge and associations provide the expertise in knowing the attorney firm that provides the best service and results for our clients. MSI monitors the progress of every claim placed with the attorney firm and we provide detailed reports to our clients on the proceedings starting with initial pre-legal collection action through litigation and post judgment collection.

Our involvement assists the attorney by providing essential documentation, account statements, skip tracing, asset and employment verification, and as a liaison between client and the attorney. We keep the attorney on task and verify that all possible avenues of collection are reviewed and pursued.

Our clients rely on our resources and knowledge to maintain a proper relationship with the attorney. MSI sends accounts to attorney firms using forwarding agents that provide a client trust bond for your protection are under the Operative Guides established by The Commercial Law League of America (a copy will be provided upon request).

MSI will provide customized business affidavits (saving you time), debtor statements detailing all transaction, including addition of late charges and collection fees (as authorized), credit reports, asset searches, settlement authority while keeping the client apprised of all proceedings and developments.

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Pre-collection and Letter-service

MSI offers our clients a low cost collection tool to assist in the recovery of commercial accounts that have not aged to the point of forwarding to a collection agency. These are the 30 & 60 day and accounts that are not responding to your demands for payment and you believe that a letter from a third party agency will prompt payment. You can use our clout to assist in the collection of these receivables. The letters and notices are customized to fit your industry and the timing is predetermined based on your parameters. There is no collection fee involved when the account is paid however a nominal fee is charged for each letter.

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Final Demand Service

This is designed for the past due accounts that have aged past 60 days and you would like one final "prompt" in your attempt to get the debtor "off center" and respond with payment prior to sending to a collection agency. Our office will forward a "Final Demand" to the debtor business with a "ten day window" that allows them to pay you directly. When the debtor makes payment within the ten days there is no collection fee charged. If the debtor does not make payment then the account is assigned for our full collection service.

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Comprehensive reporting

MSI keeps you on track with your commercial accounts assigned to our agency. In addition to a monthly detail report, our office will provide you with timely narrative reports keeping you updated on the progress of each account, new developments, recommendations for additional action, debtor promises for payment and same day notice when payment is received at our office. You can rely on MSI to keep you advised on the activity and progress of claims forwarded to attorneys. We welcome our clients to call us directly for an update on any account we are handling for them.

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MSI uses special procedures that focus on getting you paid. Our position as a “third party” commands attention from debtors.



MSI is your professional “in house” collector or third party collection agent.